NOCA is… The other Griffintown

Live the other Griffintown is about living on the waterfront in a quiet area surrounded by lush greenery, just a few steps away from the lively streets of Griffintown and the downtown core.

griffintown noca condos

On the banks of the Lachine Canal

Discover kilometres bike paths bordered by green spaces ideal for yoga or walking barefoot in the grass. Enjoy privileged access to the water and paddle along the canal in a kayak.

canal Lachine

Living Griffintown West

Explore the area’s art galleries, its trendy restaurants, its cafés and its specialized boutiques. Enjoy the neighbourhood’s many parks, such as the Bassin-à-Gravier family park, and well-equipped dog runs. Discover how easy and enjoyable it is to live near the Atwater Market, Old Montreal, the Bell Centre and the downtown core while remaining within walking distance of businesses and shops on Notre-Dame, Peel and Wellington streets.

parc pour enfants

Right in the middle of Griffintown West

Buying a condo in Griffintown

It’s no secret Griffintown has undergone a stunning transformation over the last few years. Old factories have been repurposed as housing developments and majestic condo towers dot the skyline.

quartier griffintown

This sleepy neighbourhood is now one the trendiest places to live in the city. Young professionals and savvy property investors are realizing the true potential of this district and the demand for condos in Griffintown has increased exponentially. There’s a great deal of international interest in Montreal, as foreigners are looking to invest their money in the profitable Canadian housing market.

This new housing boom has also ushered in a new era for the community. Trendy boutiques, cafes, and restaurants have opened up shop and attract Montrealers from around the city. One of the main appeals of Griffintown is that it’s close to the downtown core. Within a five-minute drive or a 10-minute bike ride, you’re right in the heart of Montreal, meaning condos are ideal for working professionals.

It’s close to the action, but it’s also secluded, providing a quiet sanctuary during evening and weekends. Even young families are starting to take an interest, as this area represents the future of urban living.